Pursuing the goal of zero emissions

Chemical product information

We treat chemical products as a environment-responsive manufacturer.
We work on developing our environmentally-friendly products.


Dry-cleaning device related

Name Use Remarks
365LIVE Dry-cleaning solvent Nonflammable fluorochemical solvent we developed.
Clin Dry Product of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.(HCFC)
AE-3000 Product of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (HFE)
Novec-7100 Product of 3M Japan Limited (HFE)
VF-365LIVE Various detergents for cleaning Various types of detergent combined with surface acting agent for cleaning.
Fluoro Surf Water repellent Fluorochemical water repellent agent

Various industrial detergents

Name Use Remarks
Fluorochemical solvent Cleaning/solvent etc. Environment-responsive fluorochemical solvent
Novec-7100 Product of 3M Japan Limited(HCFC)
Fluorinert Product of 3M Japan Limited (PFC)
AE-3000 Product of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (HFE)
AC-6000 Product of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.(HFC)
Solkane-365mfc Product of Solvay Co., Ltd.(HFC)


(New solvent GWP=4)

Product of Central Glass C0., Ltd.(HCFO)

Decompression dehydration drying device-related

Name Use Remarks
Defoaming agent Defoaming when decompressing and dehydrating We choose a proper product at pretesting.
Detergent Cleaning at maintenance Removal of Ca scale
Caustic soda Neutralization Adjustment of PH
Sulfuric acid


Name Use Remarks
PS-3 Cleaning Nonaqueous detergent
Zeolam Adsorption Synthesis zeolitic adsorbent
Activated active carbon Adsorption for solvent We can provide maintenance service.
Various type of medical agent Medical agent for boiler Various boiler manufactures

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