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Dry-cleaning device

VIC-530 photo


30kg (60 items) is treated in just 14 minutes.
Fully automatic system is employed. Laundry-adapted cleaning process allows anyone to operate the device.
Built-in distillation device for solvent (Recovery rate is 99%) enable an excellent performance.
Our dry-cleaning device was praised for it's capability and reliability. We have delivered several tens of the device to nuclear power plants nationwide.

Smaller size is available.
Please contact us.


Washing method 3 bath, new liquid rinsing 110L with distillation filte
Initial input solvent Fluorine solvent 1,200kg
Disposal capacity 30kg/one time, 120kg/hr
Cylinder size 1,100 x 670(mm) JIMS 31kg/one time
Cooling water usage Cooling tower circulation, 300L/min 30t
Electricity usage 3P200V Maximum 18.35kw Built-in refrigerating machine
Operation method Fully automatic computer control
Vapor usage 220kg/hr, 55kg/one time
Machinery weight 4,700kg
Machinery size W3.800 x D1,500 x H2,200 (mm)
Carry-in entrance W1,800 x H2,500 (mm)

Disposal items per operation / 60 items (14minutes)
Disposal times per hour / 4 times
Disposal items per day / 1,920 items (8 hours)
Disposal quantity per day / 960kg
Disposal items per month(25 days) / 48,000items

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