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Dry-cleaning solvent


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Newly-developed fluorine series dry-cleaning solvent

Developed 365LIVE for environment preservation is new solvent which is HFC-365mfc based and added AK= .

365LIVE <Physicality>Reference chart

Boiling point:43°C    Density:1.34g/cm3    Flammable range-less

HFC-365mfc HCFC-225ca,cb CFC-113
Boiling point(°C) 40.2 54 47.6
Freezing point(°C) -35 -131 -35
Density (g/cm3) 1.263 1.55 1.57
Viscosity (cP) 0.433 0.59 0.65
Surface tension (mN/m) 15 16.2 17.3
Evaporative latent heat
(kJ/kg, boiling point)
177 145 151
Specific heat (mJ/kg•K) 1.464 1.005 0.958
Solubility of water (wt%) 0.09 0.031 0.011
Solubility to water (wt%) 0.5 0.033 0.017
Flash point (°C) - - -
KB value 13 31 31
ODP(CFC-11=1.0) 0 0.03 0.8
GWP(CO2=1.0,100yr) 794 376 5000
Allowable concentration
(Provisional value ppm)
1000 100 500


HFC-365mfc has zero Ozone-Depleting Potential and as much Global Warming Potential as HCFC-141b.Contributing rate relating to smog emergence is low, US environmental agency points out HFC-365mfc as a solvent which is free of ozone destruction on SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy). In Japan, it is expected that is suitable to green procurement program.


Developed special detergent for 365LIVE

Worry-free cleaning
365LIVE is earth-conscious fluorinated solvent.
It provides soft wash for garment and worry- free cleaning as low-temperature drying.

Provide excellent capability
It has capability which dry soap should have, such as detergency, texture, antistat performance and completion etc.

It's safety.
It is a noncombustible and innocuous solvent.

  1. Supply it 0.3% to the quantity of distillation.
    Ex.) 150cc VF365LIVE to 50? the quantity of distillation
  2. pretreatment
    Apply it to dirt part and brush there.
Cationic surface active agent
Nonionic surface-active agent, CFC solvent.
No lower flammable limit in air


*Please contact us for SV-1000

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