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Decompression-dehydration-drying device - Equipment purchase flow

  1. Tell us the details of the raw water you (or your customer) want to treat, such as contents, waste water type, drainage volume/1 day or 1hour.
  2. Our technician will check whether our device is suitable for treating the industrial wastes.
  3. Send us the raw water sample.
    (About 50L~60L for waste water, 30kg~100kg for sludge is needed. Volume can be discussed with our company.)
  4. Treatment test by actual equipment will be carried out in our company. Attendance to the test is welcome.
  5. Discuss about the usage and treatment method of recovery water and sludge with customer.
  6. Discuss about installation method and utilities with customer.
  7. Hand out quotation.
  8. Delivery
    (Installation and piping work can be corresponded)
  9. Commissioning (with conditions) will be carried out after completion of construction.
  10. Describe about operation method.
  11. Fulfilling delivery
    We recommended a regular maintenance (about once a year) after delivery.

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