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Decompression-dehydration-drying device - Mechanism


As you know, water can be more easily boiled at where altitude is high or air is thin. This is because the boiling point will drop together with atmospheric pressure. So when boiling point drops, water will be more easily boiled, vapor will be more easily get than usual.

In the same way, water will begin to boil at about 50℃ within vacuum vessel. Using this same principle to distill, dehydrate and concentrate industrial water is our Decompression-dehydration-drying device, Take-GEN.

The common waste water treatment devices are usually complicated and require a lot of space. Most of the industrial waste water is disposed as industrial wastes, and industrial sludge is treated by dehydrator to cake state.

The dehydration methods which using pressure or heat such as filter press, screw press, centrifugal dehydrator, usually have some kind of limits. By common dehydration methods, only 70%~80% water can be dehydrated from raw water, not to mention aging of the treatment device and the replacement costs of consumables.

Compare to the other dehydration/concentration treatment methods, Take-Gen of our company less cost and simpler. Water content of raw water can be dried to about 10%. Vapor from raw water goes up to condenser and have heat-exchange, so there will be no harmful gas.
The social environment has been becoming more difficult, and people are now focusing on ISO, PRTR system, ecology, zero-emission worldwide.
We think that reducing industrial waste and preserving global environment is our mission.


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