Pursuing the goal of zero emissions

Decompression-dehydration-drying device

Nowadays, using certain chemicals treatment or activated sludge treatment to meet the effluent standard, or using filter press to downsize sludge, is the most common treatment method for industrial waste.
Take-Gen series of our company uses vacuum distillation method to treat industrial wastes. Industrial wastes amount could be reduced, recovery water could be reused too.


2 Automatic-Operation Method: Batch Operation/ Continuous Operation

The pump of drive part is maintenance-free
Sludge can be discharged automatically under auto-operation mode.


Moisture content of sludge cake could be reduced to 1~5% after treatment.

Moisture content level can be adjusted during batch-operation

Industrial wastes amount and processing cost would be reduced, and recovery water can be reused meanwhile.


Consideration to odors and noise control.

Using enclosed structure to prevent odor leakage
Only pump rotation noise comes out from device.


Treat the liquid mixed with organic and inorganic content.

Use neutralization step to treat industrial wastes mixed with waste acid and waste alkali.


Space saving

Adopt the distillation vessel with large heat-transfer area, and low heating.

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