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Organic Solvent Separation Device for Dehydration


IPA Re-Processor (Take-Fine)

IPA Re-Processor (Take-Fine) is the device that uses the molecular sieve membrane to remove water within the treatment liquid, and then concentrate the IPA.


·Processing Amount: Max 25h/hr (1 Module Spec.)
·Discharge Amount:
1,200L/day (Double Module Operation for 24hours)
600L/day (Single Module Operation for 24 hours)
·Device Size: 750(W)x1250(D)x1800(H)mm
·Device Weight: 1,000kg
·Specification: Increased safety explosion-proof


Utilities ( 1 Module Spec.)
1, Electric Power: 3-Phase 200V 50 or 60 Hz 6.55kWh
2, Instrument Air: Above 0.5MPa
  Float: Above 0.5(N)m³/hr
3, Cooling Water: Above 13L/min
  Pressure: Above 0.2MPa, Temperature: Below 5℃









IPA Reprocessor

  • Purifying used IPA to 99% and more is possible.IPA Reprosesser - Take-Fine
  • APPlicable Solvent :Ethanol, IPA, pyridine, acetonitrile, NMP, MEK, THF, etc.
  • Dehydrating used IPA using highly durable ceramic separation membrane.
  • Purifying wastewater mixed with low-concentrated impure substance.(Combination with Take-GEN)

This reprocessor can recover concentrated solvent (alcohol etc.) removing liquid from the recovered water (blended material with water and low-boiling solvent) by combining Take-GEN and Take-FINE.


IPA Reprosesser system flow


Test Data of IPA Re-processor

(Heater Setting: 100℃ Float Setting: 15L/min )Operation for 90 minutes

Raw Liquid Amount: 42kg,50L   Concentration: 80wt%→99.5wt%

Date: Mar 19, 2014

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