Pursuing the goal of zero emissions

Sectoral past results

Insulator CFC recovery device - Household appliance recycling

We delivered to 7 home appliance recycling plants in B group(Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sony, Fujitsu, Sharp, Sanyo).
They are in operation at high recovery rate.

Delivery records of insulator CFC recovery device

Dry-cleaning device - Nuclear power plants

We have 61 delivery records to nuclear power plants in Japan.

Use: Decontamination for working wears

Dry-cleaning device VIC-530

[ Type ] VIC-530 < Patent No.1306109 >

[ Dry-cleaning device VIC-530 ]

Liquid rocket motor - Cleaning system

About JAXA

We delivered a solvent recovery device and incidental facilities to JAXA (Previous name : NASDA)

Recovery device main spec

Disposal air volume 110m3/min
Recovery solvent HCFC225cb
Adsorption system Granulated activated carbon 2-tower adsorption system
Recovery rate Removal efficiency of exhaust concentration is more than 95% to adsorption concentration.
Remarks column All stainless specification
Portable adsorption tower enable adsorption operation at separated place from the device.

Incidental facilities

  • Part washing board
  • Rectifier
  • Quantity of rectification : 5L/hr
  • Capacity of rectification: NVR concentration 1wt.ppm to NVR concentration 10wt.ppm

We received a certificate of appreciation, as we delivered this device.

JAXA delivery facilities


Cooperative study with Peking University

Peking UniversityPeking University Shenzhen Laboratory and we signed cooperative study about [ Wastewater "zero emission and recycling" Industrial Technology Research] on 10 Oct. 2010. Demonstration device "GEN" at Peking University Shenzhen Laboratory has started for the cooperative study. We provide a experiment service without charge aiming zero emission and recycling from at business places to at the government level.

5th Japan-China energy saving/ environment integrated forum: Selection of cooperative idea and signing idea
Released on 24 Oct. from Ministry of Economy, Trade and INDUSTRY
http://www.meti.go.jp/press/20101024001/20101024001-1.pdf (Japanese)

Signing ceremonySigning ceremony

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (Chinese)Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (Chinese)

Award of MeritAward of Merit















Our efforts have been featured in "Burning Asia" of NHK Special.

Dry-cleaning device VIC-530 Dry-cleaning device VIC-530



Li-ion Battery--Separate Solvent Recovery Device

About Yamagata storage Device Development Research Center

In December 2013, we had delivered our products -- solvent recovery device, the distillation device and associated device to Yamagata storage Device Development Research Center.

 These equipment's are used for the recovery of volatile chlorinated solvents generated during manufacture of the separator for lithium ion batteries.

Solvent Recovery Device's Spec.

Processing Air Volume 50m3/min
Solvent to be Recovered Chlorine-based Organic Solvent
Adsorption Method Granular Activated Carbon 2 Tower Adsorption System
Recovery Rate > 95% of Gas Concentration
Remarks All SUS


Distillation Device's Spec

Distillation Amount 1000Kg/hr


Incidental equipment

  • Boiler
  • Cooling tower
  • Chiller
  • Compressor





Vibrant GANBARU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 of 2015

We were be chosen as “Vibrant GANBARU Small and Medium Enterprises 300” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.




Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan(HP)



Efforts of DIC(PDF)


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