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VOC Disposal Device
(Activated Carbon Adsorption Solvent Recovery Device)

VOC disposal device (Activated carbon adsorption solvent recovery device)

VOC disposal device (Activated carbon adsorption solvent recovery device) - Take series

The purpose for introducing VOC processing unit into manufacturing premise, is preventing air pollution on one hand, and reducing production cost by recycling /reusing raw material on the other hand.
Also, considering the equipment amortization, to make a more compact and cheaper treat system, has always been our subject.

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VOC adsorption/recycling system

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Low price and compact

Based on development and manufacture of Freon-dry-cleaning machine which lasted for 30 years, TAKE is developed as solvent recycle machine in metal clean field.
Design concept is based on high level recovery efficiency of equipment performance; hope that the device can achieve the goal of compact, low price and maintenance free.

We have actual manufacturing records until 300L, please consult us with each specification.


Simple type of solvent vapor aspiration system.

Solvent vapor suction system (utility model registered) of TAKE, can collect solvent of high concentration, low airflow, and easily be installed on solvent vapor generation source of various cleaning device. Especially automatic washing machine and manual washing machine as well, vapor suction system can be easily installed without impairing cleaning workability. Solvent recovery rate of TAKE is decided by collection rate and equipment efficiency, so design and installation of solvent suction duct is the most important subject.



  5H 10L 20L
Electric power (Kw)
200V 3P 50/60Hz
1.7 4.6 8.6
Steam (Kg/h)
50 100 200
Cooling water (L/min)
55 110 240
Compressed air (NL/cycle)
20 20 30
Size (mm) 1000×800×h 2120 1750×1000×h 1700 2000×1600×h 2360

*reference value: Value changes depend on the kinds of solvent, condition etc.

Recovered amount of solvent (Kg/h)

Disposal gas concentration
(Adsorption time)
5H 10L 20L
3000 PPM (40min) 6.8 13.5 28
2000 PPM (60min) 4.5 9.0 18
1000 PPM (120min) 2.3 4.5 9
500 PPM (240min) 1.2 2.3 4.5

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