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Equipment Purchase Flow

  1. Provide us the information of organic solvent comes out from you or your customer. Such like type, concentration, amount of wind, etc.
    For example,
    Solvent name: Trichloroethylene, AK225; Amount of wind: 3㎥/min-300㎥/min; Concentration: 500ppm, etc.
    If you are uncertain towards the details, we can send technical person to conduct the surveys. (Concentration and amount of wind)
  2. Our company will decide whether the solvent can be treated according to the details.
    Detail examples: solvent type, installation location, device material and whether choose explosion-proof
  3. Discuss the device specification with your company.
  4. Site visit and offer a quotation.
  5. Installation
    *Installation piping construction can be carried out according to your request.
  6. Commissioning
  7. Performance qualification
    We will send our technical staff to measure recovery amount and solvent concentration.
  8. Operation method description
  9. Delivery
    *Regular maintenance will be carried out after delivery (about once a year)


We recommend annual inspection after delivery.

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