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Mechanism of Solvent Recovery Device

VOC disposal device - System outline

This device is developed as solvent recovery device within metal cleaning field.
Its mechanism is as follows.

  • VOC(organic solvent) is sent by adsorption blower from washing tank to adsorption tower. Adsorption treatment will be carried out. (Figure 1)
  • Exhaust gas after treatment will become clean, and be discharged into atmosphere. (Figure 2)
  • Steam within blower is imported to adsorption tower to heat activated carbon in saturation state. Desorption treatment will be carried out. (Figure 3)
  • Steam of organic solvent and vapor will be imported to condenser together, and turns to be liquid mixed with solvent and water after cooling down. (Figure 4)
  • Mixed solution will be separated into solvent and water by separator. (Figure 5)
  • Solvent can be reused. (Figure 6)
  • Water should be treated through aeration process because of the containing solvent. And the exhaust gas will be treated by absorption one more time. (Figure 7)
  • Recovery water after aeration treatment can be reused as cooling tower replenishing water. (Figure 8)

Closed-cycle organic solvent recovery process is as above.

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